Daniel Sturridge signed a new contract

The striker Daniel Sturridge finally signed a new contract with Anfield Club. Great news for the football fans is that this contract is a long term contract. From Liverpool England, striker Daniel Sturridge in 2013 joined Reds from Chelsea and he scored over goals during his 52 different appearances in Liverpool. The last six matches of Liverpool were lost by him. After signing a long term contract with Anfield Club, Daniel Sturridge told his official website, “It’s a big, big day in my life to commit to this club and to give my best years, which are ahead of me.”   During his stay with Manchester City said that signing a long term contract with this club was easy and being a striker he is very much happy with his decision.

Explaining his joy, striker  said, “There are a lot of things I’m happy with how they’ve gone so far, but there is a lot to come. I may have had some good games and scored some goals, but literally this is the beginning in terms of what I can show. We were so close to success last season and it was a bitter pill to take not winning the league, but that’s just a taste of what the fans will get – but hopefully this time we’ll have the trophies to show for it.”

During his stay at Premier League he scored 21 goals and this made him as one of the the leading goal keepers of 2014. His victories as best goal keeper have made his fans more excited towards his decision of signing a long term contract with Anfield Club. The hopes from this awesome striker Daniel Sturridge are pretty much high and for sure this guy is going to do wonders in his long contract with Anfield Club too.

Throughout 2013 – 2014 Daniel enjoyed his 53 goal partnership with Lois Suarez. After this long term contract the news is up that this striker from Liverpool is going to work with Mario Balotelli. After joining him in Anfield Club, Daniel Sturridge said, “Since I’ve come in here, he’s put his faith in me and played me in a central role – which I’ve always been asking for throughout my career”. So this is truly great news for the football fans of Daniel Sturridge and this contract will make Anfield Club pretty much exciting too.



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