De Gea: “We Have to Win These Games”

David De Gea

Manchester United poor start to the new English Premier League campaign got worse as they were held by Arsenal in a thrilling game at Old Trafford and with eight points on the table.

Speaking to media, United’s goalkeeper David de Gea said finishing inside the top four in the Premier League is enough of a target for his team.

Over the years, United has managed to establish a strong youth academy where they train and mold players so they’re ready for the big stage.

“We’re playing at Old Trafford, so we have to win these games if we want to finish in the top four. This is Manchester United. We play at Old Trafford, so we have to win these games.” De Gea said.

“Of course we have a young team, but the lads have to react, have to play better than what they are doing. So we are a team, we know that we have to improve. We are working really hard to do it. We are looking forward to the next game and we’ll try to win.” De Gea added.

United have now won only two of their opening seven league games. However, De Gea believed his team did enough to have won the match lately.

“I think so. We had good chances, of course they have good chances as well, but the better ones were for us. But we gave away an important goal. So we want to keep learning. We have a young team, so it’s time to keep looking forward and try to win the next game.” De Gea said.

Piere-Emerick Aubameyang scored the Gunners’ equalizer in the 59th minute after VAR had overturned a rotten offside decision and points-wise.

 “Of course we were distracted. The issue is the linesman not keeping his flag down, but we also know that VAR is behind, so if it’s offside, it’s offside. So there’s nothing to do.” De Gea said.

“We have to keep focused on the game, we gave away an easy goal for them. We had control of the game, I think, so we will need to learn from that mistake.” he added.

United will trip to Newcastle United to extend their Premier League match on this Sunday.

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