Defeating China, Indonesia Make History at the Suhandinata Cup

The Suhandinata Cup, which is the winner of the 2019 Junior Badminton World Championship, finally returned to Indonesia after Daniel Marthin and his friends conquered China 3-1.

Indonesia’s success in conquering China made Indonesia for the first time won the Junior Badminton World Championship in the team category. This also made Indonesia for the first time bring home the Suhandinata Cup.

The Suhandinata Cup trophy was first contested in the 2009 edition of the Junior Badminton World Championship in Malaysia.

The name Suhandinata Cup is a form of respect for Suharso Suhandinata, a world badminton figure from Indonesia. Suhandinata has an important role in uniting two world badminton federations, namely the International Badminton Federation (IBF) and the World Badminton Federation [WBF].

Suhandinata was also an important figure behind the birth of the Sudirman Cup [taken from the name of Dick Sudirman] which became the symbol of the struggle for the mixed team title in the senior category.

From the course of the match, Indonesia won the first point through the victory of Daniel Marthin / Indah Cahya Sari Jamil. Daniel / Indah successfully defeated Feng Yan Zhe / Lin Fang Ling.

In a fierce duel that lasted for 1 hour 3 minutes, Daniel / Indah won with a score of 21-18, 18-21.21-11.

A fierce battle also took place in the second match between Putri Kusuma Wardani against Zhou Meng in the women’s singles number.

Putri won the first game with a score of 21-18. In the second game, a tight battle takes place. Putri was able to frustrate the three game points that Zhou Meng got on a score of 20-17.

Putri finally lost 20-22 after Zhou Meng’s punch was declared to have entered though the shuttlecock was seen coming out.

Defeat in the second game does not make Putri waver. Putri is able to maintain the rhythm of the game. After the draw at 9-9, Putri shot with a 17-12 advantage. Putri finally won the second game with a score of 21-14 through three consecutive points incision.

In the third match, Indonesia had a golden opportunity to win the Suhandinata Cup after Bobby Setiabudi won 20-16 over Liu Liang in the third game. But Bobby failed to maximize four championship points and eventually fell with a score of 17-21, 21-17, 20-22.

Liu Liang’s victory made China reduce the score to 2-1 and the match continued to the fourth party.

The deciding points of Indonesia’s victory were finally taken by Febriana Dwipuji Kusuma / Putri Syaikah. Febriana / Putri conquered Li Yijing / Tan Ning, 16-21, 25-23, 21-13.

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