Eddie Hearn Plans to Build a Boxing Ring at Brentwood

Eddie Hearn Plans to Build a Boxing Ring at Brentwood

Matchroom Sport Boxing promoter Eddie Hearn has planned to build a dark boxing arena and a studio in his yard in Brentwood, England.

Speaking to reporters, Hearn had said he had ambitions to hold four fight nights in July and August including Dillian Whyte’s heavyweight fight against Alexander Povetkin.

“We cannot just bring boxing back with a dark studio. We have built our product on the razzmatazz, the sexiness and the drama. It has all been about building that moment for a fight, so we cannot afford to just bring people out like a game show.” Hearn said.

“We want to create a gladiatorial environment that will not only ensure compelling viewing but will also ensure fighters can perform at the highest level.” Hearn added.

Hearn, on the other hand, has also planned to use a hotel around Brentwood to be used as a health testing room for all people involved.

“It is a huge mission. We are going to turn our headquarters here into an outdoor venue for live boxing, with a full canopy in the middle of the garden and the ring overlooking London.” Hearn said.

“We are building changing rooms for the fighters, setting up a space for a ring walk, and figuring out how we can do everything you need for this kind of production with as few people as possible.

“We are in talks with a nearby hotel about taking control of it for each of the weeks. The way it will work is everyone involved, the fighters, their teams, the broadcasters, will go into the hotel on Tuesday and the fighter and their team will go to a testing facility at the hotel.

“You will go in, get tested, be handed a room key and go straight to your room, where you will wait until you get the result of the test.” he added.

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