Eddie Hearn Will Ensure If Anthony Joshua and Andy Ruiz Rematch Will Take Place In The UK

Anthony Joshua’s promoter Eddie Hearn said that they will activate a rematch clause against Andy Ruiz in their contract for a fight based in Wembley Stadium, Cardiff and Tottenham, in UK, in either November or December this year.

Hearn also said Ruiz can move on if he beats Joshua a second time, but the money he could have gotten if the split was 50-50 against Joshua for the rematch would likely have been considerable.

“He’ll [Andy Ruiz] be getting great money, but we’ll decide where it’ll be. The two options are the UK and the U.S. Next week, we’ll get out teeth into the exact venues and possibilities.” Hearn said.

“If Anthony Joshua is who I think and who I know he is, he should beat Andy Ruiz. He wanted to fight [Luis] Ortiz. Maybe he would have had an easier night against Ortiz? Who knows?” Hearn said.

“When you chase somebody and give them a lot of money, you have the security of a rematch. He’s going to make a lot of money as well. Now it’s about where it’s going to be. That’s the only thing to decide where it’s going to be and what date. I’m not ruling out America, but you should do it in the UK.” Hearn added.

Anthony Joshua lost all three heavyweight world titles to Andy Ruiz in the United State. (Source:www.dailyexpress.co.uk)

Joshua made his debut in United State against Ruiz. He lost all three heavyweight world titles after being stopped in seventh round at Madison Square Garden, New York.

However, Hearn said Ruiz knows about his situation after win the first match on Joshua. And he believes the Mexican-American champion will be paid well for the rematch.

“When you sign a contract, those things are taken care of. He knows his situation for the rematch. He’ll be paid well for the rematch. More importantly, this is his last obligation.” Hearn said.

“If he wins the rematch, he’s free to do whatever he wants. He’s going to have the world at his feet. But he’s going to come across a very determined man in AJ. Andy’s confidence now is going to be through the roof.” he added.

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