English Premier League Results: Chelsea lost to Newcastle

Chelsea swallowed 0-1 defeat of Newcastle United in the English Premier League at St James Park Stadium on Saturday (18/1).

Since the beginning of the first round match began, Chelsea immediately showed the game with high intensity.

Driven by Mason Mount in the attacking position of Midfielder, Chelsea often apply a one-touch game. The spearhead of the Blues attack was occupied by England national team player, Tammy Abraham.

As for the position of winger, Lampard entrusted to Callum Hudson Odoi and Wlillian. Willian, who carried out many attack operations on the left wing, often maneuvered by surging into the visitors’ penalty box.

As far as seven minutes of the match, Chelsea did a lot of attacks that relied on the left sector of the attack. Nevertheless, the Magpies who acted as the host did not stay silent.

Several times, Steve Bruce’s team was able to trouble the Blues defense which was raised by Andreas Christensen and Antonio Rüdiger.

Entering the 10th minute, Chelsea tried to control the course of the match and locked the host in the defense area.

The first mature opportunity was owned by Mason mount in the 14th minute. But the kick from the player who played as the attacker failed to convert into a goal despite being shot from inside the penalty box.

Jetro Williems injury suffered in the first round requires the host player to come out and be replaced by Matt Ritchie.

Entering the 20th minute, Newcastle slowly but surely managed to take over the game. Attack after attack was successfully launched by Steve Bruce’s team. The result, the 20th minute, the host was able to get a golden opportunity through a header from Joelinton. But the heading of the player who plays as a striker only hit the crossbar that is guarded by Kepa Arrizabalaga.

High pressing line tried to be applied by the Magpies to suppress the creativity of Chelsea’s attacks. One to two players immediately provide escort to the The Blues player who has the ball.

Despite succeeding in providing fierce resistance, the host is obliged to be aware of the visitors’ counterattack through the speed possessed by Willian.

Mason Mount who plays as the attacking midfielder is playing fluidly in this match. He made several counterattacks from the middle right sector and the left side of the Blues attack. Mount became a player given freedom by Frank Lampard to launch an attack.

Meeting defense lines make the visitors’ line of attack difficult to create opportunities. As a result, Tammy Abraham, who lacks the bait to mature, has to work hard alone in the front row.

He also often chose the option to do a hard kick from outside the penalty box, given the lack of support and meeting behind Newcastle United’s back line. Until the first half ended, the score 0-0 lasted for both teams.

The second half began with the intensity of the attacks taken by Chelsea. Attack after attack many launched the stronghold of the visitors through Willian.

Several times, the Brazilian showed his skills to get past the Newcastle United defense line.

The meeting of the Magpies defense made Frank Lampard’s squad choose to shoot from outside the penalty box.

A tight press made by the host made it difficult for Chelsea to make a decision when entering the Magpies defense area.

Even though the visitors attack, Steve Bruce’s team must watch out for a counterattack. Joelintonn, who was relied on for a long time, became a difficult player to guard. has a slick body balance and strong ball making it difficult for opponents to drop in a fight for the ball.

When the match ended with a score of 0-0, Isaac Hayden emerged as an expert for the hosts by scoring a goal in the 90 + 4 minutes.

Until the match was over, the score was 1-0 to win Newcastle United

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