Ernesto Valverde Says He Takes Responsibility for What Happens in Recent Days

Ernesto Valverde

Levante scored three second-half goals in rapid succession to secure a come-from-behind 3-1 victory over defending champion Barcelona in LaLiga clash on the last weekend.

Speaking in his post-match press conference ahead of Barca’s clash with Slavia Praha in the Champions League on Tuesday night, Valverdes said he takes responsibility for what happens in recent days.

“When we lose a game, I try to identify football-related reasons for why we lost. In Granada, against Levante. You need to know why you lost. I don’t really go into parapsycholigal theories.” Valverde said.

“We all know what this is all about. At the end of the day the coach is responsible for what happens and when the team is under suspicion, it’s the coach who everyone looks at. I accept that and take it on board. I accept that we didn’t play well against Levante and that we have to improve.

“The possibility of doing that is always there. Within the possibilities open to us, we have to get players forward so that we have bodies in the box. Sometimes our final pass isn’t good enough. We have to find solution within the framework of the team.” Valverde added.

Barcelona played the 11th round and now with 22 points, they are on the top position. Meanwhile Real Madrid, they are on the 2nd position and also achieved the same points but considering the goal difference.

“Look, in press conferences, the general tendency is that we’re off the scale in the league table when we are doing well or sunk without trace when we don’t win.” Valverde said.

“I try to maintain some kind of balance. You always think that you can improve or the things you’ve got wrong. Whatever you might be thinking, you can’t always say it in public. Those things you have to say where they will make a difference, within yourself.” he added.

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