Eruption that Determined Lewandowski’s career

Bayern Munich star Robert Lewandowski is considered one of the best strikers in the world today. Consistently scoring at least 30 goals in the last five seasons with Bayern Munich is proof of Robert Lewandowski’s sharpness.

This season, Lewandowski has scored 46 goals in 40 matches with Bayern Munich in all competitions. The final goal scored by Lewandowski was also critical to the success of Bayern Munich in defending the Bundesliga title for the eighth time.

The moment occurred in the 29th week of the Bundesliga when Bayern Munich beat Werder Bremen 1-0 on Tuesday (6/16/2020). Long before becoming Bayern Munich’s goal machine, Lewandowski was already known to the public of European football when he defend the Polish League’s top caste team, Lech Poznan.

Lewandowski’s ability attracted much interest from European teams, such as Tottenham Hotspur, Blackburn Rovers and Borussia Dortmund. Of the three teams, Blackburn Rovers actually became the closest to recruit Lewandowski. Blackburn Rovers coach at the time, Sam Allardyce, claimed to have met Lewandowski and reached a personal agreement.

However, the transfer process was canceled because one of the volcanoes in Iceland erupted. The smoke of the volcano eruption disrupted the flight schedule to England, so Lewandowski’s flight was canceled.

When asked about the moment, Lewandowski admitted that the volcanic eruption in Iceland was one of the determinants of his career success. “I think Allardyce is a good figure and certainly a great coach,” Lewandowski was quoted. “The flight was on schedule, but I cannot fly. Did it change my destiny? Of course, maybe, ” Lewandowski said. “I later found Dortmund. That was the first step in my career,” Lewandowski said.

Cancel to join Blackburn Rovers, Lewandowski decided to join Dortmund which at the time was trained by Juergen Klopp. Lewandowski admitted that it was quite difficult to adapt at the beginning, mainly due to language differences. “The first six months in Germany I had difficulty adapting. I can’t speak German,” Lewandowski said in an interview with Dugout. “At that time I might only be able to say danke (thanks in German). Cultural differences also made it difficult for me,” Lewandowski said.

Together with Dortmund, Lewandowski won four prestigious titles, including a pair of Bundesliga trophies won in his first two seasons. Lewandowski then decided to move to Bayern Munich at the start of the 2014-2015 season after not renewing his contract at Dortmund.

Lewandowski’s consistency was maintained despite Bayern Munich changing coaches five times. At Bayern Munich, Lewandowski has been trained by Pep Guardiola, Carlo Ancelotti, Jupp Heynckes, Niko Kovac, and now Hans-Dieter Flick. Together with the five coaches, Lewandowski has so far won 11 titles, including six successive Bundesliga trophies.

However, Lewandowski still assesses Juergen Klopp as the most influential coach in his success. “Klopp is the coach who gave me confidence. Klopp made me a footballer like now,” Lewandowski was quoted as saying on the Bundesliga website. “I have not changed anything at Bayern Munich. I only use existing weapons in my body. My career was formed while in Dortmund, “Lewandowski added.

Lewandowski’s talent is inseparable from the training of his parents who were also professional athletes. Lewandowski’s father, Krystof, is a judo athlete who also played in the Polish League’s second caste team, Hutnick Warsaw. Mrs. Lewandowski, Kiona, is a former professional volleyball athlete. Lewandowski’s sister, Milena, follows in her mother’s footsteps and has appeared for the Polish U21 volleyball team.

Quoted from the Bleacher Report website, Lewandowski since childhood has been taught judo, volleyball, handball, to gymnastic gymnastics by his parents. The athlete’s family atmosphere grew thicker when Lewandowski married Anna Lewandowska in 2013.

Anna Lewandowska is a former karate athlete who won the World Championship silver medal in 2009. In addition, Anna Lewandowska is also a nutritionist. Anna’s ability was recognized by Lewandowski to be one of the factors of her success appearing consistent so far. “Football is not just about what you see on the pitch. Many factors influence the player’s appearance and one of them is routine at home. I am lucky because my wife is an expert on diet. She knows what I should eat, including vitamins,” Lewandowski said. “I see a big difference in the field after undergoing a diet program with my wife,” Lewandowski said.

Although considered one of Europe’s best, Lewandowski has never won a Champions League title. Lewandowski’s best achievement in the Champions League was to become runner-up in the 2012-2013 season with Borussia Dortmund.

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