ESL Academy Opens the Way for Amateur Dota 2 Players to Become Professionals

The esports industry is touted to be a multibillion dollar industry in the next few years. However, that can only be realized if the sustainability of the esports industry can be maintained. Regeneration of professional players is an important part of ensuring the sustainability of the esports industry. In Indonesia, it cannot be denied, the regeneration of players is one of the problems that must be faced by famous esports teams. RRQ tries to overcome this problem by creating RRQ Academy. In addition, the existence of amateur leagues such as the High School League sponsored by JD.ID can also help. While ESL is trying to help by holding the ESL Academy, which was announced last weekend. ESL Academy was created with the aim of finding talented amateur Dota 2 players and helping them enter the professional world.

Unfortunately, ESL Academy is only available for players in North America and Europe. Players who are interested in participating in ESL Academy can register on the Reach platform. On that platform, players can compete to raise their individual rank. The participants have time from November 2019 to January 2020 to enter the top 40. Of the 40 people, as many as 20 people will be selected to enter the 4 teams formed by 4 former Dota 2 professional players. Two teams will come from North America, while the other two from Europe. According to Hotspawn, in February 2020, the four teams will get professional training and take part in a bootcamp sponsored by DHL. The highlight of the ESL Academy is the offline match in March 2020, which was held in one of the ESL events.

At present, the Reach platform is still in beta. So, if someone registers themselves, he will only enter the waiting list. The Reach account will also include a subscription to Dotabuff Plus, which provides more complete analytic tools than the standard Dotabuff website. On the official Dotabuff website, it is said that Reach was created as a “platform for players who want to compete at the highest level, win big prizes, and capture the attention of esports organizations.” Dot Esports reports, Reach offers a total prize of US $ 20 thousand for the best players in their platform. Half of the total prize is specifically for amateur players. Through ESL Academy, the best players at Reach will get the opportunity to establish relationships with professional players and open up opportunities to be recruited into the professional team. ESL Academy offers a total prize of US $ 240 thousand. Unfortunately, it is unknown how the distribution of prizes.

“We are trying hard to create something completely new for the Dota 2 community,” Ulrich Schulze, Senior Vice President of Products, ESL, was quoted as saying by GamingStreet. “Our focus is on paving the way for amateur players to become a hero. And to meet our goals, we need to create an open system for Dota 2. We want ambitious amateur players to see a clear path forward and gain experience to play in a professional esports environment. “

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