Esports Job Vacancies Increase Almost Double in the Last Year

Although often associated with negative stigma in society, it is undeniable that the development of the esports industry has also provided many benefits to many people. One of them is creating new jobs that are so diverse. Not only being an athlete, in this industry you can also act as an organizer, shoutcaster, creator of content, and various other professions according to talent. Just how we think creatively and sharpen our skills so that we can enter these fields.

HitmarkerJobs is one platform that facilitates job search in the esports industry, and recently they released a number of data and infographics that showed positive trends. They compare data from the period January – June 2018 with January – June 2019, it turns out that the demand for esports workers has increased significantly.

In the middle of the first year of 2018, there were 2,497 vacancies for esports, then increased to 4,638 jobs in the middle of the first year of 2019. This means that there was a growth of 185.74%. Another interesting data is that the ratio of full time vacancies has also increased, from 63.94% to 75.08%. While the number of part time, volunteer and internship (internship) jobs all declined. From this we can conclude that the esports industry in the past year has grown to become increasingly professional, and increasingly solid as a place to make a living.

The demographics of job hunters in the esports industry in the 2019 period show that the majority of them are workers aged 25-34 years (52.45%) and 18-24 years (36.77%). Indeed this age range is a very productive age and synonymous with the creative industry. But interestingly, the majority of demands for expertise are at the middle level (41.71%). So the esports industry offers a lot of opportunities, but the condition is that we must have good skills.

“It was very exciting to see so many job vacancies in Esports globally, giving more people the opportunity to turn their passion into a career. We are grateful to be able to take part in giving job seekers a complete list of esports jobs, and providing providers of talented staff, “said Rich Huggan, Managing Director of HitmarkerJobs, reported by Insider Esports.

“The numbers in our infographics show remarkable growth in just 12 months, although there is still something that needs to be improved in terms of equalizing the gender portion of job seekers and ensuring the number of unpaid jobs continues to decline. will continue to struggle to drive this change as we pursue the professionalization of the world of labor in esports and gaming, “he continued.

This data from HitmarkerJobs certainly makes esports activists increasingly positive towards the future of the esports industry which is predicted to still grow over the next few years. Coupled with esports outreach to Millennial and Generation Z parents, increasing awareness among brand owners, as well as efforts to eliminate other negative stigmas, it is not uncommon for these job growth to grow further over the next year. The Chinese government even predicts that by 2024 the number of esports talents there will increase to 800%. But is this true, only time can answer it.

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