Euro 2020 results: France struggles to beat Germany

France won 1-0 over Germany with difficulty in Group F match Euro 2020 (Euro 2021) at the Allianz Arena Stadium, Wednesday (16/6).

France’s advantage was obtained in the first half through Mats Hummels’ own goal in the 20th minute after mistaking Lucas Hernandez’s pass.

France continued to increase attacks in the second half. In the 52nd minute, Adrien Rabiot got a breakthrough bait from Kylian Mbappe. However, Rabiot seemed to hesitate in attacking directly to the German defense.

After reaching the German penalty box, Rabiot fired a left-footed shot but the ball hit the near post. France would have had a better chance if Rabiot had given the ball to Griezmann who was running from behind.

Germany immediately responded to Rabiot’s attack through a chance from Serge Gnabry. Robin Gosens crosses from the left.

Gnabry who was in the penalty box greeted him with a right-footed first time kick, but the ball only floated slightly above Lloris’ goal.

In the 58th minute, chaos occurred in front of Lloris’ goal after Joshua Kimmich’s cross could be cleared by the French defense.

Toni Kroos shot a wild ball straight into the French goal. Luckily for the 2018 World Cup champions, Kroos’ kick hit Gosens who was still lying in front of Lloris’ goal and was in an offside position.

In the second half, the German attack was more intensive than the first half. However, there was still no shot on target from Joachim Low’s team.

Mbappe had broken into Neuer’s goal in the 66th minute through a placing kick from the left side. However, the goal was disallowed after the linesman raised the flag from the sidelines. Mbappe was considered in an offside position when he received Pogba’s through ball.

In the 78th minute, Mbappe was brought down by Hummels in the penalty box after receiving Benzema’s through ball. However, the referee Carlos del Cerro Grande did not consider it a violation and awarded a penalty to France.

Neuer’s goal was again broken in the 85th minute by Karim Benzema after maximizing Mbappe’s horizontal pass. However, referee Cerro Grande opted to use VAR before awarding the goal which drew protests from the German players.

Checks from VAR decided Mbappe was in an offside position when he received Paul Pogba’s through ball.

In the remaining matches, Germany put more pressure on France. It’s just that Manuel Neuer and his friends had difficulty breaking into Hugo Lloris’s goal. France also only narrowly won 1-0 over Germany.

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