Euro Cup – Offered Cristiano Ronaldo a Great Chance to Revamp!



Returning to the form has become a real challenge for this player when he performed really low at the FIFA world cup 2014, Brazil. Well, we are talking here about Cristiano Ronaldo who was expected to be the winner of Golden Boot before the recent football world cup. But it has never happened. He was not fit enough during that tournament and this has surely affected his form and performance. But time has changed for him now. As per the recent news, Cristiano Ronaldo shows his satisfaction when he returned to form with the Real Madrid CF.

Important goals kills the opposition

He scored two goals and this shows he is gaining the speed again. Surely, his fitness level has gone up and performance too. He was also announced as the Man of the Match and offered thanks to Sir Alex Ferguson after receiving the award at UEFA Super Cup. On the other hand, Sergio Ramos is expecting to reclaim the UEFA Champions League. While playing for Real Madrid as a forward, Cristiano Ronaldo came to the form and it was quite a good experience for him. He is one of the most popular player the world of football has in the current time. People love him and his good looks make a killer combination.

What happened in the World Cup?

After the FIFA world cup, he was on to the field for the first time. He mentioned that he was quite unsure about what he will do in the field. Looking at his previous performance at the world cup, he might have mentioned it. But he also mentioned that his team helped him a lot in gaining back the form and speed. Form is very important for any player and it has to be the best during the world cup.

When he scored the first goal, it offered him a lot of confidence. Soon he started to feel very comfortable at the field and the pain was not there. He also mentioned that scoring the second goal was difficult for them but they tried hard to create chances. The opposite team was having a great chance when the match was at 1-0 but the players from Real Madrid played with higher intensity and their attack was stronger. And soon they were rewarded with the second goal that came off from Cristiano Ronaldo’s boot.

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