F1 Racing – Max Verstappen will be the New Name to Shine!

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F1 racing has really managed to drive more attentions across the globe. The kind of thrill and entertainment this sport has offered to the whole world is just unmatchable. Many popular names can come before you when you are thinking about formula one racing. And among all of them, Michele Schumacher is the name which has become really popular across the globe. But now there are few other names coming up in the news and these sportspersons are also showing a great enthusiasm to take this sport to the next level. Among all these names there is just one who shined at the FIA Formula 3 European championship. He is none other than Verstappen.

At just 16, this Dutchman has shown a great courage on the track. At this event he contested for his 1st single seat racing along with Pierre Gasly from France, Carlos Sainz from Spain and Alex Lynn from Britain. All of these people at in the team. He joined the Red Bull team and will take part in the race as the backed driver in the Nurburgring F3 event which is coming soon. Well, he will take part as the backed driver for the first time in this event.

Well, the Red Bull team has also announced that they are really thankful to Max Verstappen to accept their invitation for joining the Red Bull’s junior team. Soon after that they have also announced that the 16 years old racer will appear for Red Bull at Macau Grand Prix. At the same time, Verstappen has also cleared that he is really honored to join the Red Bull. This club has offered several talented drivers to world of F1 racing. So, joining it and appearing on behalf of it at different events can really take his experience to the next level. He seems to be pleased enough with such offer.

f1, f1 racing,racing

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