F1 Racing – The Auto Racing Sport

F1 Racing is one of the most popular automobile racing that s authorized by the Federation International de1’ Automobile. This auto racing sport has particular rules that every participant have to follow. Grand Prix is the popular race in the F1 season that is held at most part of the world. Counting the number of points the winner is choose, one the driver and the other constructor.

This road racing is one of the fastest and renowned roads racing sport and competitors run their car in the top most speed. They reach to the top speed of about two hundred twenty miles per hour, around fifteen thousand revolutions per minute. All the F1 racing cars are designed with best suspension and aerodynamics mode. The tires are designed with sophisticated rubber material that can resist harsh road and weather conditions.

Certainly, this sport has altered the sport history and has brought a new dimension for the future sports. It was in the year 1906, the Grand Prix racing came to limelight and till today it is one of the internationally recommended sports globally. In F1 racing sport attracted more than billions of US dollars are spend and new jobs are coming up from this sport. F1 racing, often referred as Grand Prix, can be top class of the motor sports activities over the planet. Often it’s abbreviated as the F1 racing. Title Formula 1 indicates guidelines, and “formula” that the cars and the participants in F1 need to comply to. It is the strict guidelines make the F1 in all possibility most competitive of every car racing. F1 racing started in early 1900s with European Grand Prix. The Early Grand Prix car races had the “formula” of the rules for drivers and vehicles both. Following World War 2, strict formula was made. The new set of the rules was been referred as Formula 1, which indicates it was very challenging set of the rules. Incredibly First F1 Championship car race was held at 1950 in England. And Giuseppe Farina Italy holds this title of the First World Champion F1 driver. He drove winning Alfa Romeo and F1 Championships now are broken down in 2 divisions, one for driver & other for builder of car.

Generally, F1 racing circuits comprise of not less than 1 straight stretch of the road. The stretch will be a starting grid for race. Remainder of race course is been constructed of string of curves and turns. Many laps are essential to finish this race. With 305 Km F1 race takes over two hours to complete. Presently the Grand Prix F1 races are been held on the courses specifically made for this purpose.



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