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Fernando Alonso to get grid penalty

McLaren’s Fernando Alonso will begin Sunday’s Malaysian Grand Prix from the back of the lattice since he is to test an upgraded Honda motor.

The two-time champion will get a 30-place lattice punishment for utilizing more than the allowed number of motor parts.

Unwavering quality issues mean Alonso required the motor to finish the season, yet it likewise has overhauled parts.

The new power unit has a lighter motor square for better dependability and an upgraded fumes to help productivity.

Alonso, 35, will run the new motor in first practice on Friday before Honda chooses whether to keep it in the auto for the second session.

“We had a plan at the middle of the season which races were the best ones to pay the penalties,” said Alonso.

“This one was one of the best because the conditions change here and the rain may come, and also Suzuka is the next one and we want to do a good job there because it is the home grand prix.

“So it was one of the best races to go for the rest of the season with a little more confidence. And the last time I started last in Spa I was fifth or fourth after five laps, so maybe in this weekend I am lucky as well.”

At this stage, Honda is wanting to run the motor just on Friday, with Alonso changing back to the same particular as colleague Jenson Button for whatever is left of the weekend. Yet, it is not unimaginable the Spaniard will run the new motor for qualifying and the race too.

The new parts mean Alonso will utilize his eighth inner ignition motor, turbocharger, and MGU-H – the part of the half breed framework that recoups vitality from the turbo – and his seventh control gadgets, and vitality store (battery).

The main piece of his motor persisted from past races is the MGU-K, which recuperates vitality from the back pivot.


In the event that everything goes to arrange, Alonso will utilize the new motor for the whole Japanese Grand Prix meeting one weekend from now.

At this stage, Honda is not anticipating Button to utilize it in Suzuka on the grounds that it doesn’t need any lattice punishments at its home race.

Drivers are allowed to utilize just five of the six constituent parts of the motor without causing a punishment.

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