Fernando Torres to Return to the Anfield to take a Charity Match

Fernando Torres

Fernando Torres to return to his former club to take part in a charity match play between Liverpool Legends and Barcelona Legends on March 28, 2020.

The Spaniard used to be a great player when he was at Liverpool. Those were definitely his best days. He was a striker who relied on his pace and acceleration quite a bit.

Torres netted 65 goals in just 102 matches, a feat every striker can be proud of. But in the 2010/11 season he suffered the season ending knee injury. In that injury effected season he netted just 13 goals for Liverpool. It was quite clear that he was not it like he used to be.

“Hopefully it happens! I received many invitations from Liverpool to play with them in the past but I couldn’t do it because I was still playing. So, I’ll be so happy to come back and play in a Liverpool shirt again.” Torres said.

The 35-year-old man admitted being blown away by the welcome he received from the Reds fans on an emotional return to Liverpool in 2015.

“That song has been the soundtrack of my career for many years. I still feel something special when I hear it. It happened in 2015 when I came back. It made me feel happy because I know how important the relationship is between players and fans.” Torres said.

“I felt so proud from the first day here. I know some of the best strikers in history played for Liverpool at Anfield, so these fans saw many good players. So it’s a privilege for them to make a song for me.

“I remembered to listen to that song many times when I played at home and away. To listen to it for one more time will be special again.” he added.

Torres has announced his retirement from football after 18-year career.

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