Ferrari: Upgraded SF1000 at Eifel GP

Ferrari Upgraded SF1000 at Eifel GP

Ferrari is working to start the Eifel Grand Prix with an progressed SF1000 Formula 1 car at the Nurburgring on 11th October.

Ferrari tested new components on it F1 car at the Russian Grand Prix through-out the weekend.

Charles Leclerc, at Sochi Autodrom, showed progress with new components as he finished sixth. This was the best result in last five races, which it hopes to improve at Nurburgring.

Rear wing end-plates, nose cape and turning wanes helped the team with its performance.

Leclerc commented on performance after up-gradation. He said, “Driving-wise, it’s not like we felt a big difference.

“But the data says that it’s a small gain, which is what we expected, so this is already positive.

“Now I’m looking forward to the next race where normally we’ll have something a bit bigger.”

Mattia Binotto , Team principal, also confirmed the new updates at Eifel GP. Afterwards, the team would work on diffuser to improve the performance.

“As Charles said, we have a few more upgrades in Nurburgring, but again not major,” Binotto said.

“Still for us, I think [they are] important considering the level of competitiveness.

“Then we’ll focus mainly on the diffuser for the remaining part of the season, but by when, it’s not yet defined.”

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Binotto did not agrees with Leclerc that pinned the performance on up-gradation at Sochi. Rather, the team principal believes it was track’s layout that helped the car

“I don’t think it’s down to the upgrades,” Binotto said.

“Certainly they helped, but that’s not the reason. As Charles said, I think we’ve got a better balance here, and with [the] track characteristics.

“Let’s hope that we found some competitiveness again that gives the opportunity to the drivers to at least compete for a better position in the future.”

Ferrari has slumped to sixth place in the constructors’ championship this year after a difficult start to the season that has seen its form dip dramatically from last year.

Vettel also shared his views on the up-gradation.

“On Friday, I think the parts were doing what we expected,” Vettel said.

“It’s a very small step, not a huge one in performance, but we knew that going in.

“For sure it doesn’t hurt, and hopefully we can confirm in the next races that the pace is a bit better due to that.”

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