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FIBA – the last 16 and the excitement grows

FIBA Basketball World Cup celebrates its’ 17th edition this year (2014). This tournament was earlier known as FIBA World Championship and this year, when it celebrates its 17th birthday the host country is the magnificent and exotic country on the west of Europe – Spain.

The curious thing about FIBA Basketball World Cup 2014 is that this is officially the last year when the four-year cycle will be practiced, or in other words, the next FIBA World Cup will be taking place in 2019, exactly five years after the end of the tournament this year.

As the matches of the group A, group B, group C and group D have finished and left significant results we can see that some of the representations were far more convincing that the other ones we are coming to the cognition that the matches will cause us great pleasure of watching in the sequel of the tournament.


United States, Greece and Spain have won all the matches of the groups and have the maximum of 10 points in the matches that are now behind them.

The next phase of the tournament if getting even close to getting to know the name of the selection that will be the 2014 FIBA World Cup champion! The round where 16 games will be played starts off on Saturday and will be very exciting so try not to miss it whenever you can take a glance.

Saturday, the sixth of September will be extremely exciting for the selections of Mexico, USA, France, Croatia, Dominican Republic, Slovenia, Spain and Senegal. Out of the first 8 teams that are going to play on Saturday there is a big question of who is going further into the tournament and who is going home?

Sunday will be reserved to the selections of New Zealand, Lithuania, Serbia, Greece, Turkey, Australia, Brazil and Argentina.

According to some critics and statistic that are available online Saturday is suppose to give us much more thrill than Sunday, although Sunday will be fierce to when it comes to basketball. The first eight teams are counting with two of the selection that in the first phase of FIBA 2014 tournaments didn’t lost a single match – Spain and USA.

On Sunday, among the eight teams that will give their best and try to go further there is a slightly better situation in accordance that there is only one team among the eight chosen that has never lost a single game in the first phase and that is Greece.

We are looking forward to the outcome of this matches and the statistics are supposed to be really good having in mind that these 16 selections play on a very high level.

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