FIFA investigate Pogba’s 105 million euros to Man United

FIFA opened an investigate into the transfer of French star Paul Pogba from Juventus to Manchester United last summer. According to the report, the world football governing body is particulary interested in possible irregularities concerning commisions receivd by his agent Mino Raiola.

Based on the documents of Football Leaks, AFP and ohter European news outlets claiming that Raiola was at the centre of the 105 million euros transfer probe.

“We can confirm that FIFA TMS hav been requesting information on this matter. We have no further comment at this stage,” a FIFA spokesperson told at their website

If an agent cab represent all three parties in England, Raiola must inform the clubs concerned and obtain their agreement. According to the report that Pogba’s agent would be at the centre of a huge conflict of interest as he was both the agent of Juventus, Manchester Unitd and the player.

In the operation, Raiola would have received 27 million euros of commisions from the Itlian club Juventus. A sum that would have transited to a British screen company, Topscore. But also 22 million euros from Manchester United: 19.4 million euros additional as an agent of the English club and 2.6 million euros as the agent of the player. This commission would have transited to a Mongeasque company, Unniqq.

Raiola would have taken advantage of this situation to set up a deal that was very advantages for him. And less for both Juventus and Manchester United. In total, the Red Devils would have spent 127 million euros to recruit Paul Pogba with 105 million euros plus 22 million euros, while Juve collected a total of 78 million euros with 105 million euros minus 27 million euros. Failure to comply with the English regulations may result in sanctions.

Asked by media, Raiola refused to comment, but has previously denied Pogba was owned by a third party, although he claimed Juve were not the only owner of the player’s image right.


Mino Raiola (right), brokered the deal between Juventus and Manchester United for Pogba. (

Mino Raiola is used to be pizza a maker and delivery boy at his family’s Italian restaurant in Haarlem. But now Raiola set out on the road to be becoming one of the sport’s most influentail agents in the Europe.

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