FIFA World Cup 2014

The 20th FIFA World Cup held in Brazil was one of the breathtaking tournament that ever venue. Germany was the winner and got the 4th title. FIFA World Cup 2014 began on 12th June 2014 and ended on 13th July 2014. It was 1950 when Brazil won the game of soccer and now it was the second time that the winning title is with Brazil again. Total, thirteen countries qualified as national teams and sixty four matches were played in different twelve cities.

The most spectacular thing that soccer fans saw was vanishing foam and goal line technology. This simply means that the game of soccer is developing and implementing latest technology to make the game clean and clear. Uruguay, Spain, Italy, Germany, France, England, Brazil and Argentina were the champion teams that qualified for FIFA world cup. 2017 FIFA confederations cup was given to Germany for their victory.

This 2014 FIFA World Cup received more than 6 million people and more than two million guests from two hundred two countries became guests to watch this sport. The whole world was watching this sport and surely you did it too. Many football fans are eagerly waiting for the next 2017 FIFA cup that is going to be held in Germany. FIFA is an international governing body of football that began the tournament at 1930. Thus, 2014 is the 20th edition of the FIFA World Cup, and where over 32 teams are now participating, and Brazil hosting this game. Winning title of the Football champions for 5 times, and Brazil is an only team qualifying for each tournament. The FIFA world cup also has made the sport lovers very crazy. Suppose you would like to watch the live matches & cheer up for your favorite teams, then gather required information, prior to you fly down to Brazil. Ensure you get accommodation and tickets booked in advance for enjoying this trip.

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