FIFA World Cup – The Rise of a New Star!



It’s the 2014 FIFA world cup that has offered the whole world a new player who made others amazed when he secured the Golden Boot. James Rodriguez; this name has appeared at the top of the list of players who tried hard to get that Golden Boot. He played for Colombia and made his country proud when the Golden Boot was awarded to him. Colombia as a team appeared in the FIFA world cup for three times in a row; first in Italy during 1990, second in USA during 1994 and in France during 1998. He is a legend and the quality of play was superlative. It was loved by one and all. He had all the making of a super player from the first match he played.

The Real Story, just for you.

It was the time when a six year boy named as James Rodriguez started kicking the ball and when Colombia as a team appeared in the 2014 World Cup, he also appeared as a super star for his nation and made the whole world amazed. There were few top players like Lionel Messy and Christiano Ronaldo were expected to secure this position. But this Colombian boy has proved everyone wrong and kept himself at the top of the list for Golden Boot. Football is loved by one and all. People are crazy about this sport and hence players get lots of fame all over the world and lots of love from all countries.

Interaction with FIFA.

Soon after he collected the award, a spokesperson from asked him a few questions. This session was based on Rodriguez outstanding performance at Brazil and his achievement. When a question was thrown at him about his performance in the FIFA world cup 2014, he answered that he has a great time at the field and he enjoyed every minute. He also mentioned that it’s an honor to play for his nation and to contribute a great part in making Colombia’s way to the quarters easier.

Well, he also mentioned that they have a great interest to go further but it was Brazil at the quarter and their journey stopped while playing against this tough competitor. He admitted that there were some great players in the Brazilian side and competing against them was not that easy. However, Rodriguez is quite happy with his team’s performance till the quarter.



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