Football and Infotainment – January 2019’s Transfer Window

If you read the title above, you might be confused. Because, football and infotainment are two completely different things. Then, when can soccer be like infotainment? The answer is in the player transfer window. Whether by accident or not, the transfer market always presents a lot of news about the future of players at a club. Some are only in the form of gossip, some are really true to the facts, like an infotainment show.

Interestingly, there was also news of the transfer that had previously only been a rumor, but in the end it really happened, one of which was thanks to the media’s contribution in heating up transfer speculation. Here, the media often observes sharply, how the actual situation of the players at his club. Aspects that are considered can also be a compelling reason, for example by looking at the duration of the remaining contracts, minutes of play, or current performance charts.

In the January 2019 transfer market, there were a number of transfers which at first were only rumors, but ended up becoming real. For example transfers of Brahim Diaz (from Manchester City to Real Madrid) and Aaron Ramsey (from Arsenal to Juventus, as of July 2019). Initially, the news of the transfer of the two was only considered a gossip, because both Manchester City and Arsenal were at first equally disagreeing, but in the end we could see, the transfer of both really materialized.

A rather similar case also occurred in the transfer of Christian Pulisic (from Borussia Dortmund to Chelsea). Indeed, every time the transfer market arrives, the name Pulisic is always in the news of rumors of transfers. But, this time he (finally) really left, even though he was immediately loaned back to Dortmund in the rest of the season.

There is also news of the transfer which is still limited to rumors, for example, the interest of Real Madrid to bring Krzyzstof Piatek, Genoa striker from Poland on the rise, to overcome the front-line crisis. Or, Callum Hudson-Odoi, a young talent who graduated from the Chelsea academy who was later being assessed by Bayern Munich. For now, the two news transfers are still a rumor, but since the transfer market is still open until the end of January, all possibilities can still occur.

At a glance, the news about the transfer of players, with all the ingredients that complement it, sometimes looks rather annoying, especially if the news turns out to be just a rumor or gossip, even though the news series that appeared earlier looks very convincing. But, this is one thing that always coloring the player’s transfer market period, as well as being one of its main attractions. You could say, without this “infotainment” element, the player transfer market will definitely feel bland.

Interestingly, whether we realize it or not, the player’s transfer period is always a real representation of the expression “the ball is round” off the field. Because, in the player’s transfer market all possibilities can occur, which looks very convincing at the beginning sometimes it’s just a blank message, but what seems doubtful at the beginning sometimes actually manifests at the end.


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