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Forbidden, Harry Kane Insists On Wearing the Rainbow Armband

England star Harry Kane will continue to wear the rainbow captain’s armband “OneLove” to support LGBTQ+ people at the 2022 World Cup Qatar. Harry Kane’s statement this time is certainly surprising because Qatar as the host of the 2022 World Cup prohibits various things regarding LGBTQ +.

The rule relates to the fact that Qatar is an Islamic state. Not only that, FIFA has also set special rules regarding the captain’s armband for the Qatar 2022 World Cup. The rainbow captain’s armband “OneLove” is not listed in the FIFA rules.

That means, Kane will be considered violating the rules and threatened with sanctions if he insists on using the rainbow armband “OneLove” at the 2022 World Cup. Recently, many European media have reported rumors that FIFA will punish players who wear the rainbow armband during the 2022 World Cup. Not half-heartedly, FIFA reportedly asked the referee to immediately give a yellow card at the start of the match for players who violated the 2022 World Cup captain’s armband. 2022.

“It’s clear we as a team, staff and organization want to wear the armband (the ‘OneLove’ rainbow,” Harry Kane was quoted as saying by The Guardian. “I know the FA (English Football Federation) have spoken to FIFA. I’m sure they will make a decision on the day of the match,” Kane said. “I think we made it clear that we wanted to wear the armband (the “OneLove” rainbow),” said the Tottenham Hotspur striker.

What Kane said about the FA has opened communication with FIFA regarding The “OneLove” rainbow armband is true. However, the FA has yet to receive an answer from FIFA, FA CEO Mark Bullingham has confirmed.

According to Mark Bullingham, the FA will still support Kane and the England national team if they want to use the rainbow armband during the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. Mark Bullingham also said the FA would accept if it ultimately had to be punished with sanctions or fines for the England national team using the rainbow captain’s armband.

The England national team is not the only team that will wear the rainbow armband “OneLove” at the 2022 World Cup. There are eight other 2022 World Cup participants who will also wear the rainbow armband such as Wales, Switzerland and Germany.

The FIFA rules regarding the use of the 2022 World Cup captain’s armband are the result of collaboration with the United Nations (UN). Each team must wear a special captain’s armband that shows a different message on each matchday of the 2022 World Cup. Several messages or campaigns that will be written on the armband of each team participating in the 2022 World Cup are related to education, unity, to the climate and food crisis.

Here are the details of the 2022 World Cup armband rules:

Matchday 1 Group Phase: #FootballUnitesTheWorld (Football unites the world)
Matchday 2 Group Phase: #SaveThePlanet (Save the World)
Matchday 3 Gruo Phase: #ProtectChildren (Protect the Children) #ShareTheMeal ( Sharing Food)
Round of 16: #EducationForAll (Education for All) #FootballForSchools (Football for Education)
Quarter-finals: #NoDiscrimination (No Discrimination)
Semifinals: #BeActive #BringTheMoves
Third Place and Final: #FootballUnitesTheWorld (Football Unites) World)

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