Francesco Totti: Rome’s King Without A Throne

Totti is a living legend and AS Roma’s best player of all time. He is known as a player who has a vision of playing, extraordinary techniques and accomplished goal scorers. It is not wrong if the public of Rome refers to him asthe king of Rome. He played for Giallorossi from 1992 to 2017 by packing 250 goals and 618 matches in the Serie A competition. Actually young Totti could have joined the Junior Team from AC Milan, but his mother did not allow the child to live away from home. That made Totti to stay in AS Roma from his youth til the end of his career.

What proves Totti’s loyalty to AS Roma is that he has remained with only one professional club throughout his career. Although this player can be called underachieving in Rome, because throughout his career, he can only win a Serie A championship cup and two Copa Italia trophies.

Even though he could have received offers from other big teams that were more promising to give him titles and trophies such as Juventus, Real Madrid, or Barcelona. Even many pundit who argued that if he wanted to move to the Spanish team, he had the opportunity to win the Ballon D’or trophy. On July 17, 2017, he decided to hang up his shoes aka retire from AS Roma. AS Roma’s management immediately gave a position to Totti as the club’s Technical Director. This is considered the best treatment and the right decision of the club by the fans, because who else try to understand and love AS Roma like Francesco Totti.

But unfortunately, only two years ago, in 2019 Totti resigned from that position. According to him, Totti was only used as a symbol by the club. He felt that he was often not included in AS Roma’s various policies even though Totti is the technical director. Totti also considers that the club is only concerned with financial gain rather than the achievements and future development of the team. One of the points, he strongly objected to why the club did not renew the contract of Daniele De Rossi who was his successor as captain in AS Roma.

This makes Totti’s relationship with the club not good. AS Roma even officially said that everything said by the legend was untrue and excessive. The club was also disappointed at the attitude taken by their former captain. Finally we were informed that Totti will never again set foot in the AS Roma stadium, as long as James Palotta is still the President of the club. But if we look at how devoted a Francesco Totti is to AS Roma and also how AS Roma’s transfer policy is willing to sell their star players, it seems Totti’s attitude can be understood.

This story from Francesco Totti illustrates how football is now. How do some club management see a football club from the business aspect only. But clearly Francesco Totti is still the King of Rome, even without the throne and power. At least so when viewed from the eyes of the club supporters. We hope that Totti’s managerial career can be brought to higher level. All the best, Francesco Totti.


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