Frankie Edgar Reacts To His Loss To Max Halloway At UFC 240

Max Holloway retained his featherweight title for the fourth time by signing a convincing unanimous decision win over Frankie Edgar on Saturday night at the UFC 240 final, at Rogers Place Edmonton. The Hawaiian won with scores of 50-45, 49-46 and 48-47.

Speaking at a press conference after the match, Edgar addressed what went wrong at Edmonton, where he fell to Holloway by a unanimous decision

“I’m heartbroken,” Edgar said. “It’s tough when you want something really that bad and you can’t get it. I’ve been close so many times before.”

“I’m pissed off, a little disappointed, but I’m proud of my performance. I’m just disappointed in letting my team down, you know? I know they’re proud of me, but you always want to deliver a victory to them because they sacrifice so much as well.” Edgar added.

For Edgar, this is a third failure in six years in his attempt to reign over the UFC Featherweight division. Going back to the time when he was playing at 155 pounds, “The Answer” has lost his last five league bouts.

One judge had Halloway for all five rounds. However, the Quebecker felt he won a couple rounds over his opponent inside the octagon.

“You know it’s tough to really say when you’re in there. I guess I got to watch the fight. But my team thought I won a couple too. It doesn’t matter, it wasn’t enough and I can obviously tell you.” Edgar said.

“Well you know I did the best I can. I’ve got to give our hats off to Maxie. He’s a kid. I was going to turn rounds. I thought I was doing well. You know there were a few times here and there.” Edgar added.

Edgar and Halloway spoke a little bit inside the octagon. When asked what Halloway told to his coach Mark Henry for a while before he left the octagon, Edgar said: “I don’t know what he said to Mark but I told them me you know he represents as well.”

“He just studies that he’s the best to do it right now and I’ve got tremendous respect for Max. I did before to fight and even more so now.” he added.

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