Gareth Bale is ready for preseason at Real Madrid

Real Madrid’s attempt to sell Gareth Bale still hasn’t gone according to the scheme. Meanwhile, Gareth Bale’s side remained with his initial attitude of surviving. He was ready to undergo pre-season training.

Gareth Bale was disappointed in the last 2018/19 season. Had been considered to be a trump card for Real Madrid after the move of Cristiano Ronaldo, Gareth Bale was not able to become a key player.

Gareth Bale’s problem is still the same as the previous season. In addition to injury factors, he also has not been associated with Madrid players. He never studied Spanish.

The return of Zinedine Zidane also does not improve Gareth Bale’s future at Real Madrid. The Frenchman agreed with the club’s plan to sell Wales international players in the 2019 summer transfer market.

However, there are two obstacles that make Real Madrid’s intention to sell Gareth Bale always run aground. First, the transfer price is very expensive. Secondly, Gareth Bale’s salary demands are high and difficult to fulfill by his interested clubs.

So, what is Gareth Bale’s future at Real Madrid?

Gareth Bale actually realized that he was no longer wanted in the Real Madrid squad. However, the 29-year-old player was not broken. He will remain at Real Madrid in accordance with his contract.

At present, Gareth Bale has a contract with Real Madrid which will only expire in 2022. Gareth Bale plans to stay in line with the duration of the contract.

Quoted from the International Goal, Gareth Bale is even ready to undergo a pre-season session at Real Madrid which starts next week. He will soon join the Real Madrid squad which will fly to Montreal, Canada.

Gareth Bale himself has no schedule to meet Zidane in the near future. Most likely, according to Goal sources, the two will only meet when Real Madrid conduct preseason sessions in Canada and the United States.

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