George St-Pierre rather wants the duel to take place after the summer

George St-Pierre does not seem to worry about the warning of Michael Bisping. The British middleweight champion said a little more than two weeks ago that GSP had to accept the challenge in July, otherwise he was going to offer a fight to the number one aspirant of the division, Yoel Romero.

“I think he’s lying. He wants to fight me and I want to fight him. This fight will give him more money. It comes down to his decision. If he wants this duel to take place, I’m starting. That is what I am preparing for.” St-Pierre told media.

“If things change, I’ll have to find another option. This is not a problem. But he has the belt and he is the one with the greatest value presently. I always aim for the highest guy.” former welterweight champion added.

During this interview, GSP (25-2 MMA, 19-2 UFC) reiterated that he believed that his confrontation with Bisping would take place after the summer season. He explained his reinstatement in the anti-doping program as a reason.

Nevertheless, the American Anti-Doping Agency plans four months of tests to be able to re-enter the rank of the UFC. New regulations have stipulated since April 1 that this period should increase to six months. But the fight between GSP and Bisping having been formalised in January, it was well before the change so that St-Pierre will be reinstated before July 2017.

“There is no date yet due to the process with the US Anti-Doping Agency for anti-doping tests. To be able to fight, I must have passed the reintegration process. There are also other things happening and we should have a schedule soon.” GSP confirmed media.

“It will be his only advantage. Technically, tactically, athletically, I gave the advantage over him. It does not bother me that he’s taller and bigger than me. The only difference is when it strikes the carpet, it will make a bigger [boom],” said GSP.


George St-Pierre believes Michael Bissping had become a bluff. (

St-Pierre was also questioned about his future plans after his fight against Michael Bisping. However, he did not want to stretch the subject, especially when the media wanted to know if it was true that he was aiming to be champion in three different divisions.

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