Golf a Game of Judgment and Accuracy


Lots of people admire the game of Golf and judge it as a rich and gentleman’s game. A player of this game uses a club to hit a ball that flies away to a series of different holes. Just hitting a ball to a hole is not enough, there are set of rules and regulations that needs to be followed. The game of golf needs good amount of skills and judgment.

This is the only game that does not require a playing ground, as a golf course is needed to play the game. You will find 9 or eighteen holes on the golf course and each have standardization. Stroke play is the lowest stroke that a player uses and a match play is for a complete round. Mostly you have come across stroke play in different levels of golf playing.

In order to master this game, you need years of practice and dedication. If you think it is all about hitting a ball harder, then you are wrong. It is about striking the ball perfectly with the golf club. First thing you need to practice and control the swing. If you really love this sport and desire to become a professional, find a qualified coach and start your training. Every sport can make us very healthy, however some sports such as golf that will give people with the opportunities for the intimate contact with our nature.

Culture gentleman

Golf is called as “gentleman’s movement”, as it has the higher ritual requirements. Example, in a play, we must be well dressed as well as pay attention to the politeness, keep quiet while others are putting and kicking off. Criteria is settled down for years, and making people cultivate the manners when playing golf.

Shape quality of self-discipline and honesty

Golf’s best feature is that this happens in absence of the referee’s supervision. Every participant are their judge of court. The golf tournament, not just need every player to do their best, but to rely on every player to pay attention on good faith, and abide by rules to attain fair competition, For the golfers, integrity, fairness and self-discipline is very important. People involved in the golf can develop self-disciplin, fair quality and integrity consciously.

Exercise independent thinking

Golf needs participants to totally rely on own and make the judgments independently as per different situations that includes lawn of green in the golf courses and next shot way. Before an end of a game, doesn’t matter what type of situation come, the golfers should learn to adjust the emotions in order to grasp their key for winning the game. Thus, it is one very interesting game that is played all over the world.




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