Good steps forward with Car upgrade: Otmar Szafnauer

Otmar Szafnauer

Otmar Szafnauer, Chief Executive and Team principal of Sport Pesa Racing Point Formula 1 team, is very optimistic of the upgrades.

He thinks the pink squad will have what it requires to maintain their position during the summers. He pointed toward the upgrades that team has in their pipe-line over the season, regarding which he seemed to be confident.

This year Formula 1 season’s midfield is dominated by McLaren and Renault with British licensed Racing point on their tail.

McLaren stands at fourth, Renault at third and Racing point at fourth with 30, 28 and 19 points on constructor chart. Current season has proved to be more competitive among midfield team relative to the previous season.

The team is committed to remain in the league, for which it has to maintain a reliable level of performance and car development throughout the year.

“We’re sitting in sixth place in the championship and have scored points in five out of seven races. It’s very tight in the midfield and I can see the fight going all the way to the last race,” says Szafnauer.

“That’s why it’s paramount that we continue scoring points consistently. It’s fair to say race pace has been our strength, while we need to improve our qualifying performance.

“We have taken some good steps forward with the car since the start of the year and there’s plenty more upgrades in the pipeline too.

“When the middle of the grid is separated by tenths of a second, you’ve got to bring performance steps to the track as soon as you can and that’s our focus in the lead up to the summer break.”

Lance Stroll,  Canadian-Belgian racing driver, was able to finish in the top 10 at Canadian Grand Prix. He managed to fetch 2 points by making it to 9th position in Montreal, which boosted his motivation.

“I’m feeling good heading into this weekend,” said Stroll.

“The performance we had in Canada on race day gave us all a boost and I really enjoyed it.

“The Paul Ricard circuit is almost the other extreme from Montreal. There are massive run-off areas and it’s a very different experience.

“That’s not something I enjoy because if you run wide, you can get away with it quite easily. It’s just less of a challenge for the drivers.”

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