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Grand Prix Drivers gear up for remaining races for their jobs in line

A formula driver’s job is to prove he is the fastest driver on earth and we all get to witness this once the race starts and the drivers are in action. However with this weekend’s race at the Suzuka circuit has given birth too many questions in the paddock. Whether a driver will race better if he believes his job is on the line or with a signed contract securing his future. Now with the Japanese Grand Prix which took place on Sunday getting over the longest ever Grand Prix season with 21 races is left with just five races and seven weeks are left. With this nearly half of the 22 drivers still do not know whether or where they will be racing next year.

In other sports it is often known as “”Silly season” the period when teams decide which drivers to use the following year and when often a driver switches teams, or his career is suddenly over. This year it has usually ended this late date and drivers can concentrate on the final races. However this year for financial reasons at some teams, contractual complications and “wait and see” approach at others and the horse trading continues. So far, four of the 11 teams – Mercedes, Red Bull, Ferrari and McLaren have announced both of their drivers for next season.


In the similar manner sometimes there is chain reaction waiting to happen set off by the moves of one or more drivers who are the key to puzzle as it happened after Sergio Perez finally announced last weekend that he would be signing up with Force India team. His move came only after weeks of speculation that he would join Renault or Williams. Perez in a statement said: “The team knows me well, and it’s important to have stability.”

Negotiations are on with other drivers at the Renault team but neither of its drivers Jolyon Palmer of Britain and Kevin Magnussen of Denmark has yet signed for next season. Palmer said: “They are taking their time to decide, and I just focus on driving.” He further added “If I was Renault I would be wanting to make the best decision for the future. There is no need to really decide quicker than they have to. If you start to hang on until next year, January, February, that is getting very late, and you can end up hurting drivers’ careers.”

This is the story with almost each team in the Formula One camp.

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