Griezmann Appears as Second Striker, Barcelona Ready to Succeed

Antoine Griezmann

It has been revealed what pattern Ronald Koeman used with Barcelona in the 2020-2021 season. As predicted earlier, the Dutchman relied on a 4-2-3-1 pattern.

In this pattern, Koeman puts Lionel Messi at the forefront. This indicates Koeman will not rely on Luis Suarez to fill the leading position in his concoction squad.

For your information, in several previous reports, Koeman is said to no longer need Suarez’s services. This was clearly seen when Barcelona won 3-1 over Gimnastic de Tarragona in the test match earlier today, Suarez was not included in the squad even though he was in good shape.

Therefore, El Pistolero – nicknamed Suarez – is at the exit of the Estadio Camp Nou. Reportedly, the attacker with the Uruguayan passport docked at the Estadio Wanda Metropolitano, which is actually the headquarters of Atletico Madrid.

Despite Suarez’s gray future, this is not the case with another Barcelona player, Antoine Griezmann. In the match against Gimnastic de Tarragona, Koeman played Griezmann in his best position, namely the second striker. Griezmann also scored one of Barcelona’s three winning goals over Gimanstic de Tarragona.

For your information, Griezmann’s goal collection is quite a lot when played in that position. Take for example when buying Atletico Madrid in 2017-2018. In 49 matches, Griezmann collected 29 goals.

Thanks to help from Griezmann, Atletico Madrid won the 2017-2018 Europa League. Previously in 2015-2016, Griezmann also performed well by collecting 32 goals in 54 matches.

For the above achievements, Griezmann helped Atletico Madrid to qualify for the Champions League final, although they eventually lost on penalties to Real Madrid. Griezmann also made a similar achievement with the French national team.

Operating as a second striker in the 2016 European Cup, Griezmann came out as the top scorer with a collection of six goals. Thanks to goals from Griezmann as well, Les Bleus – the nickname of France – qualified for the 2016 European Cup final.

Then at the 2018 World Cup, Griezmann was the runner-up top scorer, as well as bringing France the champion after winning 4-2 over Croatia in the final. Seeing the facts above, don’t be surprised if Barcelona has succeeded since playing Griezmann in the second striker position.

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