Griezmann Wasn’t Always Happy Defending at Barcelona

Barcelona player, Antoine Griezmann, bluntly admitted that he did not always feel happy while playing for the club based at the Camp Nou Stadium. Because, Griezmann had difficulty getting playing time so he often warmed the bench.

This condition of course makes Griezmann feel sad. He even felt that he was no longer an important player like in his old team.

It is known, Griezmann became a star player and mainstay before coming to Barcelona. With Atletico Madrid, he continued to get regular playing hours until he was finally able to show off by making a big contribution.

This condition made Barcelona finally decided to bring Griezmann to the Camp Nou Stadium. He was recruited in the summer of 2019. But unfortunately, Griezman could not immediately get a big role. Because, Barcelona itself already has a mainstay player on the front lines, namely Lionel Messi.

However, Griezmann is trying to adapt to his new conditions. He also chose to work harder to be seen as the first choice player at Barcelona.

“When you lose the opportunity to play in the league, it makes me sad. At the start of the season too, because I didn’t play, I didn’t feel important. I’m used to playing every game, big games,” Griezmann said, as quoted by Goal. International, Thursday (10/6/2021).

“I found myself on the bench against Real Madrid (3-1 defeat in October 2020). It makes me angry to see my team-mates warm up on the pitch when you are next to him.”

“But this is the coach’s choice and you have to accept it and do everything possible to change his mind.”

This season, Griezmann has started to get regular playing hours. He recorded playing 51 matches in various competitions with Barcelona. Throughout his appearance, he scored 20 goals and 12 assists.

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