Gundogan Says Liverpool Should Be Awarded Premier League

liverpool should be awarded

Manchester City midfielder Ilkay Gundogan said Liverpool should be awarded the Premier League title if the season has to end early due to coronavirus outbreak.

Liverpool are 25 points clear in the Premier League and they should now lead for City to win the 2019/20 title.

“For me, that would be okay, yes. You have to be fair as a sportsperson. There are different opinions. For clubs who have had a very good season, it obviously wouldn’t be nice if it was cancelled now.” Gundogan said.

“On the other hand, for clubs who aren’t doing as well and are maybe in the relegation places, an abandonment would obviously suit them.” Gundogan added.

Spanish LaLiga clubs have introduced temporary pay cuts to their players as a result of the economic impact of the coronavirus outbreak. No Premier League sides, meanwhile, have introduced such measures yet.

“Of course I think it’s okay, that goes without saying. I’ve been partly following it from here and to be honest, there’s been no discussion in England yet.” Gundogan said.

“Perhaps that’s because the English clubs are a bit financially stronger than the clubs in Germany at the moment, but the amateur clubs in particular won’t have it easy and they already don’t have it easy now, so of course it makes sense to talk about whether you address player salaries there.” Gundogan added.

According to reports, English Premier League ban extended to end of April due to corona crisis. A joint-statement from the FA and EFL confirmed that the initial two-week ban on professional football until 4 April.

“The FA, Premier League, EFL, and women’s professional game, together with the PFA, and LMA, understand we are in unprecedented times and our thoughts are with everyone affected by Covid-19,” FA said in a statement.

“We are united in our commitment to finding ways of resuming the 2019/20 football season and ensuring all domestic and European are played as soon as it is safe and possible to do so.” the statement added.

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