Had disturbed, Here’s the content of meeting Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer in the online world

Rafael Nadal dan Roger Federer

Tennis News: Rafael Nadal has faced many opponents throughout his glorious career, but he may face tough opponents namely technology.

Rafael Nadal met with his fans through Instagram Live who also presented Roger Federer, Andy Murray, and Marc Lopez. Nadal laughed after he had had enough trouble with the application and how he was inconvenient enough to invite his fellow players to chat with him. Nadal admitted that he was using it for the first time.

“As you can see, I’m quite frustrated with all this. But I tried hard,” Nadal said with a smile.

After all the difficulties, Nadal finally managed to talk to Federer and they began to share everything they did in the last few weeks. Federer revealed about the recovery update from the right knee surgery underwent in February and he stated that he was pleased with all the progress he had experienced so far.

“I went through an incredible first six weeks, then after that it was a little slow, now everything is getting better. But of course, I have plenty of time. No need to rush,” said Federer.

“I have hit the ball again against the wall, doing rehabilitation, and training my fitness. The good news is that the second operation is easier than the first operation. I don’t have to go through a third operation! “

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His second conversation continued with Federer encouraging when Nadal admitted that he had not hit the ball since the beginning of March. He also told Nadal about playing as a left-handed tennis player when he naturally used his right hand to perform daily activities, acknowledging that overcoming the spin from Nadal’s left hand was one of the biggest challenges that Federer faced when they competed.

“I can’t play with the right hand. That’s just a legend! ” Nadal exclaimed, laughing. “My basketball ability uses the right hand, everything else uses the right hand, but not with football or tennis. I started playing with the backhand and the two-handed forehand. The people I work with might not know whether I use my right or left hand.”

Previously, Roger Federer was disappointed that the Laver Cup 2020 season was canceled. Roger Federer admitted that it was truly unfortunate that the 2020 Laver Cup had to be canceled, but understood that “it was the right thing to do in the interest of everyone”.

The tennis tournament schedule has been in turmoil since the COVID-19 pandemic, forcing the ATP and WTA to choose to suspend all tennis tournaments at least until July 13.

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