Hamilton and Vettel to turn up the heat

Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel Intense

Lewis Hamilton stretched his lead over his title contender Sebastian Vettel. He is ambitious to push rest of the season to next level by turning up the “heat”.

The British driver is 24-point ahead of his title rival after a win at Hungarian Grand Prix. The victory at Sunday’s GP placed Hamilton in high zone to beat.

He said: “The second half of the season is always intense but it is usually when it gets a bit better on our side.

“So we will go away and prepare and make sure we come back stronger.”

F1 will provide a time of four weeks to the teams to revive their breath for the final and intense round of races. Belgium, on 24-26 August, will host the first race of this round, which will be concluded in three months.

Hamilton struggled for pole in first two practices, while wet weather conditions in final practice put him on pole position for the race. The pole provided an opportunity to Mercedes to handle faster car of Ferrari, which was successfully executed by him.

Hamilton won more races than Vettel but he confessed German’s Ferrari was faster and the manufacturer has successfully enhanced their performance over the season.

He said, “It’s been trying – physically, mentally and emotionally demanding – but a period I am really proud of and look where we are standing.

“We have won five races, we are ahead of the Ferraris which eight-nine races in really turned up the heat, and to come away with two wins [in a row] is a great show of strength in depth.

“We need to apply more pressure in the second half. This is where we need to turn up the heat.”

He rejected the idea that points superiority provides any reason to claim the championship at this stage.

“Absolutely not,” he said. “It is far too early. You have seen the ups and downs we have had. [We’ve] been ahead, then behind, then ahead. I don’t believe there is ever a moment you have got your hands on the trophy.”

Vettel ready for battle

Vettel was confident with the technical advancement of Ferrari and he was looking forward to challenge the Mercedes standing over the remaining races.

He said, “I think this year showed so far our car is more efficient and stronger and still has a lot of potential to unleash.”

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