Hamilton: Booing “just fuel me”

Hamilton booed at Hungary

Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes Formula 1 driver, faced boos and jeers after taking pole position at Hungarian Grand Prix.

He claimed that the booing just added more fuel to his energy and he will do his best during the race.

Hamilton took pole position for third time this season. His last pole position was at Spanish Grand Prix in early may. Mercedes took the front row for tomorrow’s race and the British will lead the race with Bottas on his side.

Hamilton topped the timing with 1m15.419s while Valterri Bottas finished with the time 1m15.734s. The title rival Max Verstappen managed to record 1m15.840s for third place.

Hamilton faced booing and jeers as he left his car on the main straight. The crowd booing grew louder as he came for parc ferme interview

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He continued his interview with booing at the background. He was pleased with final qualifying lap that put him on pole position.

“I think it has been amazing teamwork from everyone this weekend, Valtteri included, just trying to push the car forwards, developing constantly,” Hamilton said.

“The guys back at the factory just not left any stone unturned. So, it’s been amazing to see everyone coming together and rallying up and pushing forward. I appreciate the great support I have here.”

Hamilton then responded to booing, saying: “Honestly I’ve never actually felt so great with the booing. If anything, it just fuels me, so I don’t really mind it.”

The British world champion has recently faced scathing abuse following his crash with Verstappen. They both collided at Silverstone which took out Dutchman out of the race.

Hamilton had 99 grand prix victories and will chase 100th on Sunday. Mercedes will run its driver on medium tyres while it rival is opting for soft.

“I think the soft tyre is worth something like five metres down into Turn 1, it’s a long way down into Turn 1,” Hamilton said.

“So yeah, it was surprising to see the guys behind us, most people, I think everyone in the top 10, on the soft except for us. We will see.

“It’s definitely great having a [front row] lock-out for our team. It’s the first time in a long time so big, big thank you to everyone back to the factory and.

“I hope the weather is good for everyone tomorrow, enjoy the sun and stay safe.”

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