Hamilton: “Childish” to get into war of words

Hamilton and Verstappen war of words

Lewis Hamilton made clear that he is least interested in war of words with his Formula 1 rival, Max Verstappen, for the title. He believes that it would be “childish” to engage the Red Bull’s driver.

Mercedes was unlucky with Valtteri Bottas who got stuck in pit lane. Hamilton struggled to find himself anywhere near the podium. However, Verstappen managed to win the race while unlucky Charles Leclerc had to retire with DNF.

Hamilton could not hold the reigns of the race for the first time this season. He finished seventh while his team mate could not exit from the pit lane.

Hamilton, who struggled for form, commented earlier on Verstappen’s driving style. He claimed that the Dutch driver “feels perhaps he has a lot to prove” with the aggressive approach on the track.

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Verstappen replied that “actions speak louder than words” after claiming the victory for the Red Bull at Monaco.

“You have to talk on the track and that is what I like,” Verstappen said. “We as a team so far made the smallest mistakes, and that is why we are ahead. I hope we can keep that going for the rest of the season.”

Hamilton decline to fetch the matter beyond the post race comments. He wanted to focus on the rest of the season rather than engaging off-track mind games.

“I’m not playing mind games,” Hamilton said, “It is interesting what Christian [Horner] comes out with, but I couldn’t care less.

“They did a great job this weekend and that is that. We have had some good races also, but as I said there are 17 races to go.

“So it starts to get a bit childish when you get into a war of words.”

Toto Wolff, Mercedes Formula 1 boss, was more open to comments. He believes that off track war of words is another aspect of the title game.

“We have a fight between outstanding drivers,” Wolff said.

“The championship has swung in both directions. Things are being said that are good for entertainment.

“I would attribute that sentence [by Verstappen] to the entertainment factor, and great to talk about it and write about it.

“This is action on the track, and soap [opera] off the track.”

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