Hamilton: Ecclestone is “ignorant and uneducated” on racism

Hamilton on Ecclestone Racist remarks

Lewis Hamilton labels Bernie Ecclestone as “ignorant and uneducated” on subject of racism.

Ecclestone, ex-Formula 1 boss, made comments on racism with CNN: “In lots of cases, black people are more racist than what white people are”.

Hamilton, Six-time world champion, was sad and disappointed on remarks of Ecclestone.

He considered it an attitude of inequality and for which we need to thrive and try as a society before real equality can happen.

Hamilton, on Instagram, said: “Bernie is out of the sport and a different generation but this is exactly what is wrong.

“It makes complete sense to me now that nothing was said or done to make our sport more diverse or to address the racial abuse I received throughout my career.

“If someone who has run the sport for decades has such a lack of understanding of the deep-rooted issues we as black people deal with every day, how can we expect all the people who work under him to understand? It starts at the top.

“Now the time has come for change. I will not stop pushing to create an inclusive future for our sport with equal opportunity for all. To create a world that provides equal opportunity for minorities.”

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Formula 1 clarified its position on the subject of racism and equality. It issued a statement negating the stance of its former F1 CEO Bernie Ecclestone.

“At a time when unity is needed to tackle racism and inequality. We completely disagree with Bernie Ecclestone’s comments that have no place in Formula 1 or society,” the statement read.

“Mr Ecclestone has played no role in Formula 1 since he left our organisation in 2017. His title Chairman Emeritus, being honorific, expired in January 2020.”

Hamilton uplifting equality

F1 is working to uplift no discrimination in the sports. It has introduced a task force that will work for equality and diversity for all groups.

Remarks from Ecclestone stirred the subject of racism in F1. Especially at a sensitive time for the sport. However, F1 cleared its position and affirmed that it stood for equality. It also reaffirmed the support to Hamilton for his position on Black Lives Matter movement.

Hamilton opened up about Ecclestone remarks. He was outraged at the death of African-American man George Floyd.

Floyd was choked during police custody, which led to world wide protest for equality for people of color.

The Mercedes champion revealed about himself being subjected to racism.

Ecclestone appreciated the commission set up by Hamilton: “It is not going to do anything bad or good for Formula 1; it’ll just make people think, which is more important”.

Ecclestone never knew Hamilton had been subjected to racism and he added: “I’m surprised that it concerns him even.”

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