Hamilton: F1 racing rules “not clear” after clash

Hamilton vs Verstappen at Brazil Gp

Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes Formula 1 lead driver, remained skeptical of Formula 1 racing rules. He showed his dissatisfaction with the steward’s decision despite many detailed and lengthy discussions with FIA after Max Verstappen move on the British.

The Briton believes the rules are “not clear” after being thrown off track by the Red Bull driver. But Verstappen disagrees to the notion with which most of the drivers agree.

The Dutch driver believes that the situation “was in the end pretty clear”. The comments came after briefing in Qatar to drivers.

Verstappen defense against Hamilton came under speculation where he pushed him way off track on Turn 4 at Interlagos. Drivers discussed this issue with the race director of Formula 1, Michael Masi on Friday

Verstappen recounted briefing as pretty clear and said it consisted of drivers “sharing their opinions and then the FIA explaining their process of thought behind it”. However, title contenders shared disagreement on the matter through comments in Qatar.

Hamilton fetched the pole by a great margin of 0.563s over Verstappen. He was asked if he got clarity regarding defensive driving after a briefing at Qatar. He replied: “No.

“It’s not clear. Every driver, I think, expect for Max, was asking about just for clarity.

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“Most drivers were asking for clarity, but it wasn’t very clear.

“So, yeah – it’s still not clear what the limits of the track are. It’s clearly not the white line any more, so when overtaking. So we just go for it and…

“We just ask for consistency. So, if it’s the same as the last race then that should be the same for all of us in those scenarios and then its fine.”

Verstappen had different opinion on the matter. He said before Hamilton: “Everyone is different, right? And everyone has their own way of racing and defending and overtaking, and of course it’s very hard for the FIA as well to get everyone on the same line.

“Of course, they decide, but every driver has a different opinion and then I think yesterday it was all about sharing their opinions and then the FIA explaining their process of thought behind it.

“So, I think we came a long way and it was a very long briefing. So, yeah, I think it was in the end pretty clear.”

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