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Hamilton having problems at European GP

Nico Rosberg overwhelmed the European Grand Prix as Mercedes colleague Lewis Hamilton attempted to fifth spot.

Rosberg drove from the main corner and drove off into the separation as Hamilton attempted to make up ground in the inaugural race in Azerbaijan.

The best on the planet began tenth and was hampered by an issue with a motor setting amid the race.

The best on the planet dropped to 24 points untied of Rosberg in the title, therefore.

Hamilton said he had an “off day” in qualifying and Mercedes were at a misfortune to comprehend what happened.

In any case, in the race it was distinctive.

After a wary begin, Hamilton started to make up ground, grabbing positions until he was fourth, directly behind Force India’s Sergio Perez after 11 laps – helped by an early stop for Ferrari’s Kimi Raikkonen.

Be that as it may, Hamilton couldn’t pass the elusive Force India and started to keep running into vibration issues from the tires, which he had harmed in qualifying.

Mercedes attempted to pass Perez by halting prior yet Force India thwarted them by acquiring the Mexican the following lap.

After the pit stop, Hamilton attempted to pass Perez again yet then started to drop back.

It rose up out of correspondence amongst driver and group that there was an issue with a motor setting – yet the group radio limitations implied the group couldn’t let him know what wasn’t right or how to alter it.

It is not yet totally clear what had happened – despite the fact that the group said it was “a problem with the setting you are in” but that “it’s not something you’ve done – it’s a setting that is incorrect”.

Hamilton was unmistakably disappointed yet with 10 laps to go, he, at last rolled out an improvement that tackled the issue.

He quickly set the speediest first segment time of the race, yet then did not accelerate and traveled gradually to the completion behind Perez.

Both drivers had the same issue on occasion amid the race.

“Nico had made a change during the race that caused the issue,” said a Mercedes spokesperson. “So when told it was an issue with the mode, as permitted by FIA, he switched back out of it.

“Lewis had the setting from start of race and it was not obvious that this setting was causing the problem. The fundamental problem is on our heads as it was a configuration not working properly, not the driver’s fault.

“But the radio rules complicated things drastically: without this, it would have been solved immediately.”

The race was anticipated to be a celebration of dramatization, every one of the drivers accepting there would be blunders and resultant security autos.

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