Hamilton is eager to win 2020

Hamilton ready for 2020

Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes Formula 1 driver, finds himself more enthusiastic for the World Championship this year than ever. It would be a great success for him considering the circumstances this year.

Formula 1, like every other sector, was severely incapacitated especially in first half of the year. Its calendar was hampered and it failed to start a single race due to COVID-19 until Austria in July.

F1 has reduced the races for the year but it is trying to maximize the availability of venues this year. For few, the truncated season seems to be devalued.

However, Hamilton disagrees with it and he will put all his efforts to win this season. This year season is more valuable to him considering the COVID-19 and global debate on diversity.

The debate on diversity was started after the killing of a black man, George Floyd, by police. This lead to world wide protests against brutality of police.

Mercedes stood by the campaign for more inclusiveness in the sport. They changed their design from Silver Arrows livery to a full black for 2020.

Their lead driver, who has been voicing against the racism, had a debut in Austria with a new helmet design. He showed his support for the Black Lives Matter movement.

Hamilton for Equality

“Winning the title this year would mean more than I think ever before, being that it is such a momentous year in the sense of this pandemic that we’re fighting,” said Hamilton.

“But then on a more personal level, the Black Lives Matter movement and the fight for injustice and equality, I think in that time to also be fighting for something so important.

“It’s not going to change really in our time, for our generation, but for our kids and our children’s kids, it’s such an important moment for us.

“And so, yes, winning the World title during that period of time I think will be even more important than before.”

Hamilton has also established a new commission. He utilized his lockdown time.

“It has been such a difficult time for so many people all over the world,” he added.

“Yet it has given many of us an opportunity to focus on [different things] – me personally, focusing on being present, focusing on some of the other things that I didn’t really necessarily have as much time as I’d like to be able to focus on.

“So during this time, really focusing on getting the Hamilton Commission set up, focusing on the work that I’m doing with the Global Goals, working on the Fight for Peace, the project that we’re doing in London, and support them.

“And really just trying to also focus on wellbeing, and making sure that I’m as healthy as can be, in terms of this is the first time in my career that I have not raced for so long. This has only been a positive for me.

“I think it’s really rejuvenated my drive, particularly with a more of a purpose driven goal as I mentioned with all the things that are happening.”

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