Hamilton: No more missed opportunities

Hamilton does not want missed opportunities

Lewis Hamilton, after struggling with penalties at Russian Grand Prix, wants his team to be more cautious in future. He wants no more mistakes whatsoever by team or himself.

The Brit wants to avoid the penalties at all cost and wants to keep the Formula 1 stewards away.

Hamilton was deprived of an opportunity to win the Russian GP by five second penalties. He started the practice at an unusual place which team thought to be within regulation. He started again during the race from the same point, which led to a double 5 second penalty.

This resulted in loss of race lead and extension in gap between the team mates. Valterri Bottas led the race instead of his team mate while Max Verstappen cling on to second position.

However, despite the penalties he managed to find himself on the podium at third position. Hamilton was enraged and called the decision “ridiculous” and “bulls**t”.

The Mercedes driver was punished with two penalty points on FIA superlicence. It was later called off and the team was fined for its mistake.

Hamilton wants to study Regulations

Six times world champion thinks the team and himself needs to go through the regulations in order to avoid further sanctions.

The Mercedes lead driver have been deprived of his championship points in two of last three races. At Monza, a wrong pit entry cost him victory and dropped him to seventh position.

“I guess we’ll go through the rule book and pick out areas where they can create rules, areas where penalties have never been given before,” Hamilton said.

“We’ll try and figure out all the ones that they have, and try to make sure that we cover ourselves in the ones that we are aware of.

“I don’t think anyone’s had the penalty for that before, so we’ll just work hard.

“We’ve gone through seasons before without penalties, so just have to make sure I give them no reason, not even a sniff, to be able to do something.”

“I may not always get it right in the face of adversity,” Hamilton expressed.

“I may not always react the way you want me to when tensions are high, but I am only human after all and I am passionate about what I do.

“I’m learning and growing every day, and I’ll take my lessons and keep fighting on to the next one.

“Thank you to those who continue to support and are right there fighting with me. Still we rise!”

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