Hazard was told to still be interested by Real Madrid

The footballs expert from Belgium, Kristof Terreur are mentioning that Real Madrid still interested in bring in Eden Hazard.

He reassure that by mention Hazard consistence performances will be the main attribute to maintain Real Madrid interest.

In addition, Real Madrid started their season very badly. The team with name Los Blancos were having a difficult time.

Therefore Madrid need to fill in the boot left by Cristiano Ronaldo.

For Real Madrid, this is not the first time they show their interest in bringing in Eden Hazard from Chelsea.

Back in the previous season, the Spain Capital team had contacted Chelsea side through Marina Granovskaia as someone responsible for the club negotiation. However, no agreement was made.

“When they (Madrid) contacting back in the last summer, Marina Granovskaia said that he (Hazard) is not for sell and Real Madrid respect that.” Terreur said to Sky Sport media.

Hazard himself still have 1 more season left in his contract with Chelsea. This is also the reason that Terreur think as the right time for Madrid to once again calling in to ask for the Belgium International favour. In addition, Hazard till have a dream as a child to be able to play for Madrid one day.

“They have to come back again because they (Madrid) needed to improve their squad after the several terrible performances this season. I think it will be easier for them to sign a player with 1 year less of season in their contract.” Terreur added.

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