Henderson’s Honest Comment About the City’s Defeat

The defeat of Liverpool by 4 goals without reply from Manchester City at Etihad Stadium on Friday still warmly discussed by many people. Some of the Liverpool squad responded to that is an ordinary thing. But some others take things very seriously that needs to be evaluated.

Mohamed Salah even openly had to admit that at that time there were two camps in the Liverpool squad which contradicted each other. The first camp that wants Liverpool to immediately win the title. While the second camp they can win that title at Etihad against City.

It turned out that what happened was achieved earlier before the away match at the Etihad Stadium, when Chelsea won the victory over City at Stamford Bridge This is what caused the first camp to forget themselves so that it loses motivation when they travel to Manchester City.

Pep Guardiola himself even joked that Liverpool players drink too much beer. So it must reap bad results at Etihad. Jordan Henderson tried to give an honest assessment of the defeat.

Liverpool’s massacre at the Etihad Stadium is a very serious evaluation, because this is the second defeat this season for Jurgen Klopp’s squad in the Premier League. While at Etihad that night, City scored three goals before the break through penalties Kevin de Bruyne, Raheem Sterling and Phil Foden.

Then the hosts added a fourth goal after the break when Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain could not prevent Sterling’s shot over the line. When asked what he thought was wrong for Liverpool that night, Henderson told Liverpoolfc.com : “A lot of things, but, to be fair, I think we have to keep going until the end of the competition.”

“You have to reward City, a fantastic team and they completed their chances. We were very disappointed and after the game the players were very disappointed with the results as they should.” That night Henderson thought hard in order to finish their every chance to become a goal.

If that works then Liverpool can change their game. But it is unfortunate that it did not happen. Henderson asserted that with this defeat there was no need for him to make any excuses to avoid responsibility.

Certainly the Reds squad is very disappointed. Should be a lesson for them if you want to improve team performance and continue to compete for the Premier League trophy next season.

“We have to keep going, keep improving and keep learning. This is a valuable learning curve so we need to react the right way in the next game.” Thus said Henderson reported the club’s official website above.

It should be appreciated for the statement of the Liverpool captain, especially when they suffered defeat but still gave respect to their opponents. There are still 6 Liverpool matches left and at matchweek 33 they will host Aston Villa at Anfield on Sunday.

At the last meeting of the first round, 2 November 2019, Liverpool won 1-0 over Aston Villa which took place at Villa Park Birmingham. Nevertheless, Liverpool still have to take into account the history of their meeting with Aston Villa who have 12 games to win over the Reds.

There must not be a humiliating defeat like what happened at Etihad last Friday. Even though they are champions they still have to clean up to be professional again in facing the remaining games. It would be interesting to see how all the remaining matches turned out for Liverpool, the current champion of England.


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