Heroic story between Carlos Tevez and West Ham United

The last week of 2006-2007’s English Premier League was a season that will never be forgotten for West Ham United. Their star player, Carlos Tevez became the club’s savior nicknamed the Hammers from the relegation trap.

Carlos Tevez proved to be West Ham’s most important player at the time. His only goal against Manchester United at Old Trafford kept the Hammers in the Premier League.In the final match of the English Premier League on Sunday (5/13/2007), West Ham heroically managed to overthrow MU at home, which made the “Red Devils” party not as sweet as it should be.

The team that was guided by Alan Curbishley narrowly won 1-0 and Tevez scored the most valuable goal at the end of the first half. The two figures seemed to answer that their recruitment was not in vain. Curbishley was assigned to coach the club, which at that time was still dominating at Upton Park since December 2006 as Alan Pardew’s replacement with the target of avoiding West Ham from the abyss of relegation.

Remarkably, Curbishley debuted by beating MU 1-0 at Upton Park. Then continued in the last week, he again beat Sir Alex Ferguson with the same score at home to the opponent. Most importantly, this victory makes the team from East London survived relegation.

Tevez is also phenomenal. His recruitment broke the record for the most expensive purchase in West Ham’s history, but it was later discovered that his agreement with his colleague (Javier Mascherno) from the Brazilian club, Corinthians sparked controversy because the procedure was illegal.

Tevez and Mascherano were carried off by West Ham with a transfer fee, but apparently only involved the agent not with his club Corinthians. Suddenly this has become a hot conversation in the realm of English football. Despite being a controversial figure, Tevez was transformed into an idol and became a hero at the end of the competition.

The goal by the Argentine international striker was also fantastic. He defeated four MU players to complete the pass from his front-line counterpart Bobby Zamora and goalkeeper Edwin van der Sar. Even though West Ham only need a series to secure its position, but they seem motivated many times because they have to challenge MU.

But the great struggle exhibited by West Ham, which makes them deserve this victory. Even their midfielder Yossi Benayoun made two heroic actions while clearing the ball from the goal line, a shot from MU player Alan Smith, although in a replay the ball looked a little over the line and blocked Kieran Richardson’s rebound.

Goalkeeper Green also made a great save by muffling John O’Shea’s kick. After being left behind by Tevez’s goal, MU became more aggressive in the second half. Ferguson fielded Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes and Cristiano Ronaldo to replace Patrice Evra, Michael Carrick and Alan Smith. But the wave of MU attacks, interspersed with a number of dangerous counterattacks from the visitors, did not make West Ham lose its victory.

Green and his team-mates are committed to saving West Ham in the English Premier League and Green himself calls this match against MU as ‘Great Escapes’. In the final standings West Ham is ranked 15th with a value of 41. While MU who has been confirmed to win the English League in that season with 89 points, and became their ninth trophy of the last 15 seasons collected.

What a heroic season for the Hammers and a sweet debut for Tevez. Unfortunately, Tevez’s journey with West Ham United ended quite shortly and he moved to few other clubs before announcing his return to current team’s Boca Junior in Argentina. In the current team, Tevez became one of the important veteran players who brings Boca Junior to great competition at their current league.


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