Horner: Alex Albon struggles exposed by Sochi circuit

Horner believes Sochi circuit exaggerated Albon issues

Christian Horner, Red Bull Team Principal, thinks that Sochi circuit exaggerated Alex Albon’s issues. He says the problems with his Formula 1 car were not realistic.

The Thai driver have been unable to find the right balance of his RB16 this year. However, his team mate, Max Verstappen, was more successful in handling his car.

After Albon’s successful finish at Tuscan Grand Prix, it was expected of him to furnish the same performance at Russian Grand Prix. But he was unsuccessful in his endeavor.

He was shocked when he could not catch up with his team mate, Verstappen. His RB16 was 1.1 seconds slower and his race was jeopardize by gear box penalty.

Albon managed to find himself the last one in top ten. Verstappen made it to second position, while the Thai driver struggled on the weekend.

Horner on Sochi exposing Albon

Horner thinks that Sochi track does not suit Albon style with slower speed corners and high braking zones.

“Alex is particularly sensitive to some of the characteristics of the car,” said Horner.

“He’s struggling with that and they’re accentuated at this type of circuit with short corners and big braking zones.

“Obviously there is plenty to look at for him. His second half of the race, he recovered reasonably well, but obviously it’s been a tough weekend for him.

“So it was a shame, after the podium two weeks ago, that this one has probably been one of the hardest of the year for him.”

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Team has been working to evolve the RB16 for Albon’s liking. He has been performing in his car on high speed corners.

Horner believes that his form will soon been performing with his RB16 and team has made good progress.

“I think we’ve understood some of the issues that we’ve got with the car,” added Horner.

“Obviously we are working hard to address those. And I think hopefully in the remaining races, we should be able to, I hope, take steps that will improve the car in that area.”

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