Horner: F1 secret ballot would be ‘a shame’

Horner consider secret balloting a shame

Christian Horner, Red Bull Formula 1 team boss, believes the secret balloting in Formula 1 would be a shame.

McLaren Boss recently wrote an open letter on its team’s website suggesting F1 to end the open balloting. He suggested the F1 shall end partnerships between the teams to increase the spirit of F1 through more challenges.

He also suggested that the partnerships are unhealthy for the future of the sports as they in a way help teams in positions to steer voting in Formula 1. He suggested that different teams are influenced by their partnerships and through open balloting where they can’t exercise their true opinions.

Brown wanted FIA and F1 to reconsider the partnerships among teams. He tried to pursue the authorities for secret balloting at F1 commission meetings. He thinks the teams would be better off in secret balloting and it would also benefit F1 future.

However, Horner doesn’t share the opinion with Brown. He believes it would be a shame for sport to take such a road to ensure independent voting habits.

“I heard about that, and I can only assume it’s because of pressure applied from the [power unit] supplier, which if that is the case, is a shame,” Horner shared his opinion on Brown’s letter.

“It would be a shame to need to go behind a secret ballot, but a team has a right to request that.

“But if that’s what it took to take independent votes, then we don’t have a major issue with it.”

But Horner was left alone at FIA press conference, where he raised his concerns. However, the Brown proposal gain support from Mercedes, Ferrari and Alpine.

McLaren wants secret Balloting on F1 rules changes

Toto Wolff, Mercedes F1 boss, cleared his position and said Mercedes has never used his position to influence its customers. He also supported the idea of secret balloting which would ensure the legitimacy of the voting.

“In terms of the secret ballot, it’s very easy,” Wolff said.

“You have seen in the past that Toro Rosso [now AlphaTauri] has voted like Red Bull, probably without any exemptions, and Haas has gone the Ferrari way. In our case, we have never tried to influence a team.

“Obviously things have been discussed when it was a common topic, like on the power unit, it’s clear the teams vote with each other, and none of the teams would vote against their own interests in terms of chassis regulations.

“So the idea of the secret ballot is good. I doubt that Franz [Tost, AlphaTauri boss] is not going to take instructions, and neither will Gunther [Steiner, Haas boss] not take instructions. But the attempt is obviously good.

“No team should be really influenced by any affiliate or any supplier.”

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