How to Manage Organizations Like FIFA?

The arrest of seven FIFA officials in May 2015 over allegations of corruption at the world’s highest football body has sounded alarm throughout the world. Sepp Blatter announced he had resigned, but still served as FIFA president at least until December 2015.

What are these poor corruption and leadership accusations that can happen, and last for years? Who oversees this supervisory institution?

While the impact of abuse of office and FIFA and this deviation is astonishing because the scale and duration are long, this can be a warning to be aware of the possibility of risks for groups governed solely by their own members.

FIFA is a perfect example of an organization that falls apart on its foundation.
Membership of such organizations can take many forms, such as professional associations and clubs, associations formed by smaller associations such as FIFA, co-operative councils, even teacher and student parent associations.

For all types of organizations like this, it is important for its members to play a key role in the organization’s arrangements.

But there is a danger if they are governed only by fellow members (who determine the strategy and conduct supervision of the implementation of the program), the atmosphere becomes like an echo space, a place where the interests of members themselves ignore the best actions for the interests of the organization as a whole.

Concerns about problems can arise from government structures like this, not limited to FIFA.

The Co-operative business entity, which is the largest cooperative in the United Kingdom that operates in various business fields including supermarkets, banks, travel agents, funeral administrators and others, has been forced to change their organizational structure.

This change was triggered by a series of crises in the banking business of this group, followed by a number of catastrophic disasters which were of public concern and affected their financial condition.

Finding The Roots

What’s wrong? One of the most important matters relates to personal interests.

Organizations such as FIFA can suffer when members are driven by their own desires, needs and desires, make organizational decisions that benefit themselves and hinder the interests of the organization.

Organizations can also be harmed because members deliberately turn a blind eye to problems, or even ignore opportunities that can improve the organization, for their personal benefit.

If these problems are left to rot, there is no other meaning except the destruction of the organization.

But there is good news. This rotten decay may be rooted in poor regulation and the lack of a coherent regulatory principle, there is still a solution.

The leader needs to set the rhythm of the organization.

The board and executive team cannot simply state that the decisions they make are not biased and for the good of the company as a whole. They must really act with integrity, transparency and a strong will to be responsible if something is wrong.

Above all, they have to put in place concrete steps to ensure that they can and will always be done.


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