Ibrahimovic Recognizing the Greatness of Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali passed away at the age of 74 as he could no longer endure the pain of Parkinson’s disease that he received. The world was in tears. A legend, in this case in the boxing world, has already left us first. He went to the presence of God. The Greatest is gone. Together with all the memories in the world of boxing that he recorded.

Many people are inspired by the figure who is known to have a big mouth. Many people claim to make Muhammad Ali a role model, or role model in his life. It was recognized by all circles, not only among boxers, but also from other sportsmen. One of the people who acknowledged this was a Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

British media, the Daily Mail said that Zlatan admitted that Ali was the best. “I am the best, but Muhammad Ali is better than me,” he once said. And, in an interview with Eurosport, Zlatan again expressed his admiration for a Muhammad Ali, and yes, admitted that Ali deserves to be called a legend.

During an interview session with a journalist from Eurosport, Zlatan sighed slightly and smiled when the reporter gave him a portrait of a person, which he called a role model for himself. “This person is a role model in my life. One of the people I admire. Muhammad Ali,” he told the Eurosport reporter after he was presented with a portrait depicting the figure of Muhammad Ali.

Zlatan here also admits that Ali is an arrogant man. He also did not hesitate to say that Ali was a person with big mouths. But the difference is, he also slipped a compliment here for Ali. “Well, I admit that he (Ali) is indeed a man with a big mouth. However, his big mouth is comparable to his abilities. He proved it in the ring by beating his opponents. For me, he speaks according to the abilities he has. , “said Zlatan. “He never gave up. Such is Muhammad Ali,” he added.

Then, the interview session became even more interesting when the journalist said that he saw similarities between Zlatan and Ali. He saw that Zlatan and Ali were both arrogant, full of confidence, and always ready to fight on the field. When asked if Zlatan felt that he felt similar to Muhammad Ali, he immediately avoided it.

“It is difficult for me to identify myself with a Muhammad Ali. For me, he is a legend. I do not think Ali and I are alike. He is better. However, if it is a matter of confidence, of course I am not inferior to him. (Ali), because self-confidence is very important, “he said.

When the reporter brought up the matter of arrogant Zlatan and Ali, he replied with a little diplomatic response that he was indeed arrogant and that is just a person’s nature.

“Arrogant? Well, that trait does arise naturally, naturally. Just as the soul of a leader emerges naturally from within humans. But, perhaps, arrogance here is because there is a part of me that no one can enter,” he said. .

“It’s like, I have my own ring, and I don’t let everyone into my ring. Maybe that’s why I look arrogant to other people.” he added. Zlatan also mentioned that, like Ali, one can be arrogant as long as he can prove it. For footballers, it is evidence on the pitch that counts.

“However, the most important thing is what we do on the pitch, as footballers. If you don’t do your job well on the pitch and you are still arrogant then you will look like a clown. However, if you are arrogant but you can prove it on the field, like Ali in the boxing ring, then you will become a legend, “he said.

Indeed, it is clear that Zlatan admits that he is someone who is arrogant. However, in that arrogant attitude, Zlatan also mentioned other attributes such as respect, hard work, and resilience. Just as yin and yang form a balance in life, arrogance is mixed with respect, hard work, and never giving up.

That is what is seen in Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Muhammad Ali. A negative and a positive mix into a balance that results in achievement and an inclusion; legend. They are truly legends for both sports: football and boxing.


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