Indonesia Can Qualify to the 2022 World Cup If These Conditions Are Met

The Indonesian national team has the opportunity to qualify for the World Cup this time. The dream of football lovers in the country to see the Indonesian national team competing in the 2022 World Cup finals in Qatar will be realized. Is it possible? Why not? We can see the initial indications from the draw or lottery division of the Asia Zone World Cup qualifying group which is relatively profitable, of course with some advanced scenarios.

As the results of the 2022 Asia Zone World Cup qualifying draw on July 17, 2019 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, the Indonesian national team was included in Group G with Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and the United Arab Emirates. Each team will meet each other in home and away matches.

The strength of the three neighboring countries, namely Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam, is arguably still balanced with the Indonesian national team and has often met and defeated each other. Only the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has better strength than us, but that does not mean it cannot be defeated. If we look at history, we have already defeated the UAE in the Asian Games quarter-finals in 1986.

So you could say, the four potential opponents of the Indonesian National Team in Group G were very defeated. The author is optimistic, if our Garuda national team players play optimally with 45 fighting spirit, the Indonesian national team is very likely to become group winners or at least group G runners-up.

According to regulations, the champions in each group and the 4 best runners-up will qualify for the third round. 12 countries that qualify for the third round will be divided into two groups, so each group will consist of 6 countries that will meet in home and away matches.

If the Indonesian national team gets away from Group G, then in the next round, the Indonesian national team will most likely meet with strong Asian countries, namely South Korea, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Uzbekistan, Syria, UAE, Jordan, Oman, and Australia.

Champions and runners-up in each group in the third round will immediately qualify for the 2022 World Cup finals. Predictions, if there are no significant surprises, the four countries that will qualify are South Korea, Japan, Saudi Arabia and Iran, but that does not mean The Indonesian national team will stop here. Garuda’s troops still have the chance to qualify if they are ranked 3rd in the group.

As per regulation, the 3rd rank in each group in the third round will be pitted again in the home-away match. The winner of the match will be pitted against the national team from another zone / federation (Possibly ranked 4th in the North and Central America Zone) to compete for a ticket to the 2022 World Cup finals. Predictions, Indonesia has the chance to escape from here.

If Indonesia does manage to qualify for the World Cup, it seems we have to come directly to Qatar to support the Indonesian national team at the World Cup finals in 2022 later. Don’t forget, the ball is round, nothing is impossible in football. Everything must start from a dream, then followed by effort and hard work and prayer. With all that, Indonesia can qualify for the 2022 World Cup.


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